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Hello there fellow Writers!

Greetings, and welcome to Live-Learn-Write!

As you've probably noticed, our scope is- kind of- based on the group's title.. We live, we learn, and then we write. Quite basically.

Also, this group is a literature group, since we are sure you saw the massive stories in the gallery. You are welcome to participate to the group.. if you want. Our founders and co-founders are quite nice, so they'll probably accept your submission, if it's good. Well, that depends on them, though.

We have our rules, like any other group. You probably guessed. Literature only, and no harassing/fights/whatever. Aside from those, you're free to do around whatever you want(except the annoying begging to join the group/be a co-founder if the founder refuses.)

And that being said, let's no longer chit chat, you're free to go!


~Live-Learn-Write Founder and Co-Founders




I Am Axel (A Poem about discovering my Fursona)
***Hello again, many people remember that read my work titled “Much Love”, that at MWFF 2014, I went to a panel where I discovered more about myself.
That same night, mere hours after I got home, I had a dream about “Axel”.
This was the dream I had about myself and discovering Axel, my fursona.
I hope you enjoy. :D
“I am Axel”
Its dark,
Midnight black.
Where am I?
That noise,
Could it be...sobbing?
Forward I go,
Deeper into the darkness,
Further and further within myself,
Until I come face-to-face
With the source of the sobbing.
Its dimly lit,
But I can see myself.
I am sitting on a wooden chair,
Carved into it are the words I used to think of myself:
Dumb, useless, clumsy, walked-on, clipped, hurt...
My hands over my eyes,
slouched forward;
the sobs swell.
That was me.
The me they’ve hurt.
The me they’ve tortured with taunts.
The me they’ve ignored.
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 4 11
Holy crap and lookout, cuz here comes:

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE?!Are You Happy :happy: Toilet Paper Ultra Excitement Love in the Air :happy: 

In the immortal words of Rod Stewart “Every picture tells a story, don't it?” and in the immortal words some other guy “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, I'm dearly hoping I can get you guys to whip up at least 3,000 words worth of story-like writing inspired by my bloated and populous visual prompt, namely “Midnight Dynamite”.

Don't worry about using the title, just look at this Bosch-esque tangle of characters, setting, and stuff and think: what the hell
:iconleothefox:leothefox 6 255










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